Men’s Fellowship


By Associate Pastor Tony Paraspolo

Men’s Fellowship at Community Christian Center has been going on for over ten years. We have an average of between ten to twenty guys who come out every single Thursday evening of the year. They come because they want to be made better men of God. Everything is confidential and men feel free to discuss and get help for anything that troubles them. We have had many men turn from things that were hard for them to live with and deal with; and there is no subject that is brought up that hasn’t been dealt with, taken care of, and people have been delivered from. We have several different men teaching throughout the year and all of them are anointed and blessed of God. I thank God for this group.

I want to give you just one little illustration of a man who came to our group. His life style had been brought down to being a male prostitute and he had been that way for a couple of years. He decided he wanted to serve Jesus after having accepted Him as his Savior through another group; but he found it hard to walk in his new faith because people didn’t trust him. He came to our group, and I remember the very first night, he opened up and said that he had been a male prostitute but he wanted to change so that he could serve Jesus Christ. He feared our rejection because of what he had been doing but he found just the opposite. He was totally accepted and, by the end of that meeting, some of the brothers hugged him, told him that we love him, told him that God had dealt with our problems and issues, and welcomed him to the group. He continued to attend the meeting for over six months and was a blessing to us and we were a blessing to him. He had completely turned away from his old way of life. He left the group because he wanted to return to the area where his family was located in order to tell them the good news about how Jesus loves us, accepts us and changes lives. This is just one story out of many of how God has used Men’s Fellowship here at CCC.

This is a group of men who are learning, growing and maturing and we hope to continue doing that. We wholeheartedly welcome all to our group.