Sermons Online

12-03-17 Sun AM
“God at Work”
12-03-17 Sun PM
“Gifts of Healing”
12-06-17 Wed PM
Revelation Pt 4 – Pastor Ken
11-26-17 Sun AM
“God Said It” – Pastor Tony
11-26-17 Sun PM – Not Available 11-29-17 Wed PM
Revelation Pt 3 – Pastor Ken
11-19-17 Sun AM
“Mercy of God” – Pastor Ken
11-19-17 Sun PM
“Journey of Faith” – Sister Dee
11-22-17 Wed PM – No Services
11-12-17 Sun AM
“Who Do You Say I Am?” – Pastor Dustin
11-12-17 Sun PM
“More Than Ordinary Life” – Pastor Al
11-15-17 Wed PM
Revelation Pt 2 – Pastor Ken
11-05-17 Sun AM
“How Jesus Sees”
11-05-17 Sun PM
“Healing Weapons”
11-08-17 Wed PM
Revelation Pt 1 – Pastor Ken
11-01-17 Wed PM
“Need for Prayer”
10-29-17 Sun AM
“Overcoming Intimidation”
10-29-17 Sun PM
“Prophet Jonah” -Pastor Al
10-22-17 Sun AM
“The Characteristic of Love”
10-22-17 Sun PM
“Heaven or Hell” – Pastor Tony
10-22-17 Wed PM
10-15-17 Sun AM
“The Debt of Love”
10-15-17 Sun PM
Holy Spirit Night-Many Speakers
10-18-17 Wed PM
“Buying Spiritually”
10-08-17 Sun AM
“Commandment of Love” 
10-08-17 Sun PM
“God of Breakthrough” – Pastor Mike
10-11-17 Wed PM
“Two Men” -Pastor Al
10-01-17 Sun AM
“Beware of the Leaven” – Pastor Ken
10-01-17 Sun PM
“Commitment to Obey ” – Pastor Tony
10-04-17 Wed PM
“Peace or Chaos”
09-24-17 Sun AM
“Wisdom or Folly”
09-24-17 Sun PM
“Paul & Felix” Pastor Al
09-27-17 Wed PM
“Life After Death”
09-17-17 Sun AM
“The Law of the Spirit”
09-17-17 Sun PM
“Repentance” – Pastor Mike
09-20-17 Wed PM
“The Spirit of Wisdom”
09-10-17 Sun AM
“Contending for the Faith”
09-10-17 Sun PM
“Women in Ministry” – Frieda White
09-13-17 Wed PM
“Compelled by the Spirit”
09-03-17 Sun AM
“The Gift of the Holy Spirit”
09-03-17 Sun PM – No Services 09-06-17 Wed PM
“Build Yourself Up”
08-27-17 Sun AM
“Test the Spirits”
08-27-17 Sun PM
“Importance of Music” Pastor Al
08-30-17 Wed PM
“Knowing the Holy Spirit” 
08-20-17 Sun AM
“Gospel for All” – Brother George
08-20-17 Sun PM
Holy Spirit Night – Many Speakers
08-23-17 Wed PM
“By His Spirit”
08-13-17 Sun AM
“Power of the Holy Spirit”
08-13-17 Sun PM
“Passion for Christ” Pastor Tony
08-16-17 Wed PM
“Spirit-filled Life”
08-06-17 Sun AM
“Faith in Christ”
 08-06-17 Sun PM – Not Available 08-09-17 Wed PM
“The Not Chosen”
08-02-17 Wed PM
“The Chosen”
JULY 2017
07-30-17 Sun AM
“Seeing the Invisible”
07-30-17 Sun PM
“Love & Unity” Pastor Mike
07-23-17 Sun AM
“In the World, Not of the World”
07-23-17 Sun PM
Youth Night
 07-26-17 Wed PM
“Removing the Veil”
07-16-17 Sun AM
“Set Captives Free”
 07-16-17 Sun PM
“Babel to Pentecost”
 07-19-17 Wed PM
“Breaking Free”
07-09-17 Sun AM
“Dream Restored” – Pastor Ken
07-09-17 Sun PM
Holy Spirit Night
07-12-17 Wed PM
“Dignity & Honor”
07-02-17 Sun AM
“Choice & Determination”
07-02-17 Sun PM
“Be Persistent”
07-05-17 Wed PM
“Christ’s Finished Work”
 JUNE 2017
 06-25-17 Sun AM
“Partnering with God”
 06-25-17 Sun PM
Jr. High Night – Pastor Dustin
 06-28-17 Wed PM
“Discipleship Goal
 06-18-17 Sun AM
Father’s Day
No Services  06-21-17 Wed PM
“Discipleship: Correction
06-11-17 Sun AM
“Discipleship Beginnings”
 06-11-17 Sun PM
“Decisions: Good & Bad” Pastor Tony
 06-14-17 Wed PM
“Discipleship Training”
06-04-17 Sun AM
“The Path of Life
 06-04-17 Sun PM
“Gifts of Healing”
 06-07-17 Wed PM
“Discipleship Requirements”
MAY 2017
05-28-17 Sun AM
“Armor of God
 Not Available  05-31-17 Wed PM
“Spiritual Weapons
05-21-17 Sun AM
“Seeing Needs”
 05-21-17 Sun PM
“Preach Jesus” Pastor Mike
 05-24-17 Wed PM
05-14-17 Sun Am
“God Our Maker”
 Not Available  05-17-17 Wed PM
“Church with Promises”
05-07-17 Sun AM
“Looking into the Future” Pastor Ken
 Not Available  05-10-17 Wed PM
“Works of the Holy Spirit
APRIL 2017
 04-30-17 Sun AM
“Humanism vs God”
 04-30-17 Sun PM
Holy Spirit Night
04-23-17 Sun AM
“The Wisdom of God”
04-23-17 Sun PM
“Where’s the Lamb?” Pastor Ken
04-26-17 Wed PM
“Ways of God”
04-16-17 Sun AM
“Resurrection Day” P.Tony & P.Eric
Not Available 04-19-17 Wed PM
“After Resurrection
04-09-17 Sun AM
“Love & Hate
Not Available 04-12-17 Wed PM
Passion Week
04-02-17 Sun AM
“Quality of Love”
04-02-17 Sun PM
“Healing for All”
04-05-17 Wed PM
“Love at Work”
MARCH 2017
03-29-17 Wed PM
“Motivation to Serve”
3-26-17 Sun AM
“Love MORE”
03-26-17 Sun PM
“Worship Means” Sara Paraspolo
03-22-17 Wed PM
“Rooted & Grounded”
03-19-17 Sun AM
“The Force of Love”
Not Available 03-15-17 Wed PM
His Creative Words”
03-12-17 Sun AM
“The Presence of God” Pastor Ken
03-12-17 Sun PM
“The Christian Walk” Pastor Mike
03-8-17 Wed PM
“Grace & Mercy” Pastor Al
Not Available 03-5-17 Sun PM
“The Promises”
03-01-17 Wed PM
“Why Fast?”
02-26-17 Sun AM
“Our Spoken Words”
02-26-17 Sun PM
“Faith” My Testimony Tony Britton Jr.
02-22-17 Wed PM
“You are a New Creation”
02-19-17 Sun AM
“Exercise Your Authority”
Not Available 02-15-17 Wed PM
02-12-17 Sun AM
“The Holy Spirit”
Not Available 02-08-17 Wed PM
“The Gospel”
02-05-17 Sun AM
“Works of the Holy Spirit”
Not Available 02-01-17 Wed AM
“Stop the Accuser”
01-29-17 Sun AM
Not Available 01-25-17 Wed PM
“Seeing Beyond the Veil”
01-15-17 Sun AM
“The Great Helper”
Not Available 01-18-17 Wed PM
“Keys to Prayer”
01-08-17 Sun AM
“Strength & Courage”
Not Available 01-11-17 Wed PM
“Be Fruitful”
01-01-17 Sun AM
“2017 Promises”
Not Available 01-04-17 Wed PM
“Possessing the Land”