Sermons Archive 2016

12-25-2016 Sun. AM
“The Joy of God”
 12-25-2016 Sun. PM
-No Service-
12-28-2016 Wed. PM
Not Available
12-18-2016 Sun. AM
“Freely Give”
 12-18-2016 Sun. PM
Not Available
12-21-2016 Wed. PM
“Serve God with Gladness”
12-11-2016 Sun. AM
Marie’s Message
 12-11-2016 Sun. PM
Not Available
12-14-2017 Wed. PM
“Gifts of Healing”
12-4-2016 Sun. AM
“The Will of God”
12-4-2016 Sun. PM
Divine Health & Healing
12-7-2016 Wed. PM
Healing Promises
11-27-2016 Sun. AM 11-27-2016 Sun. PM 11-30-2016 Wed. PM
11-20-2016 Sun. AM
“Come to the Light”
11-20-2016 Sun. PM
“All in the Name of Jesus” Pastor Ken
11-23-2016 Wed. PM
-No Service-
11-13-2016 Sun. AM
11-13-2016 Sun. PM
Pastor Mike’s Message
11-16-2016 Wed. PM
11-6-2016 Sun. AM
“Government & Church”
11-6-2016 Sun. PM
Healing Service
11-9-2016 Wed. PM
11-2-2016 Wed. PM
10-30-2016 Sun. AM
“All Things Are Possible”
10-30-2016 Sun. PM
“2nd Corinthians Chapter 4”  Pastor Al
10-23-2016 Sun. AM 10-23-2016 Sun. PM
Holy Spirit Night
10-26-2016 Wed. PM
10-16-2016 Sun. AM 10-16-2016 Sun. PM
Healing Service
10-19-2016 Wed
“By My Spirit”
10-9-2016 Sun. AM
1st Service
“The Journey” Pastor Dustin

2nd Service
“A Walk…Last Supper” Pastor Tony

10-9-2016 Sun. PM
“Who Said It’s Over?” Pastor Mike
10-12-2016 Wed. PM
“Thy Kingdom Come”
Pastor Al
10-2-2016 Sun. AM 10-2-2016 Sun. PM 10-5-2016 Wed. PM
“The Mountain of the Lord”
9-25-2016 Sun. AM
“Great Feast Day”
9-25-2016 Sun. PM
“Dream Again, Bloom Again” Lorraine DeLille
9-28-2016 Wed. PM
“Living Water” Pastor Ken
9-18-2016 Sun. AM
“What Jesus Saw”
9-18-2016 Sun. PM 9-21-2016 Wed. PM
“Internal Man” Pastor Al
9-11-2016 Sun. AM
“Quality vs Quantity”
9-11-2016 Sun. PM
9-14-2016 Wed. PM
God Reigns
9-4-2016 Sun. AM 9-4-2016 Sun. PM 9-7-2016 Wed. PM
Grace to Obey
8-28-2016 Sun. AM
Seeing the Invisible
8-28-2016 Sun. PM
The Good, The Bad, and the Godly – Pastor Tony
8-31-2016 Wed. PM
Blessings of Prayer and Fasting
8-21-2016 Sun. AM
“Time to Work”
8-21-2016 Sun. PM
“Personal Revival” Pastor Ken
8-24-2016 Wed. PM
The Mind of Christ
8-14-2016 Sun. AM
“Voice of Warning”
8-14-2016 Sun. PM 8-17-2016 Wed. PM
8-7-2016 Sun. AM
“Let the Church Arise”
8-7-2016 Sun. PM
“What is Healing?”
8-10-2016 Wed. PM
“Qualification or Disqualification”
7-31-2016 Sun. AM
“Let God Arise”
7-31-2016 Sun. PM
“The Power of Fear” Pastor Al
8-3-2016 Wed. PM
“Pay Earnest Attention”

JULY 2016
7-24-2016 Sun. AM
“For This Reason I Was Born” Dr. Mercader
7-24-2016 Sun. PM
7-27-2016 Wed. PM
7-17-2016 Sun. AM
“We’re in a War”
7-17-2016 Sun. PM
“The Power of Our Confession”
Pastor Mike
7-20-2016 Wed. PM
“The Treasure in Our Hearts”
7-10-2016 Sun. AM
“Our Times”
7-10-2016 Sun. PM
“Believing the Report”
7-13-2016 Wed. PM
7-3-2016 Sun. AM
“What is Independence?”
7-3-2016 Sun. PM
7-6-2016 Wed. PM
“Against the Grain”
JUNE 2016
6-26-2016 Sun. AM
Pastor Eric and Marie
6-26-2016 Sun. PM
“Matches that Burn”
Pastor Tony
6-29-2016 Wed. PM
6-19-2016 Sun. AM
“Father’s Advice”
6-19-2016 Sun. PM
6-22-2016 Wed. PM
“Eph 5:1-20”
6-12-2016 Sun. AM
“Equipping the Saints”
6-12-2016 Sun. PM
“The Condition of our Heart” pastor Al
6-15-2016 Wed. PM
“God is Able”
6-5-2016 Sun. AM
“Shall Be Fulfilled”
6-5-2016 Sun. PM
“The Healer is Here”
6-8-2016 Wed. PM
“Time for Restoration”
MAY 2016
5-29-2016 Sun. AM
“The Prince that Limped” Pastor Ken
5-29-2016 Sun. PM
6-1-2016 Wed. PM
“Understanding Temptation”
5-22-2016 Sun. AM
“Hear God”
5-22-2016 Sun. PM
“No Other Name” Pastor Mike
5-25-2016 Wed. PM
“Resting In God”
5-15-2016 Sun. AM
“Release Your Hand and Footprints”
Dr. Mila Mercader
5-15-2016 Sun. PM
5-18-2016 Wed. PM
“Freely Received, Freely Give”
5-8-2016 Sun. AM
“A Mother’s Determination”
5-8-2016 Sun. PM
No evening service.
5-11-2016 Wed. PM
“Tragedy of Doing Nothing”
5-1-2016 Sun. AM
“Fasting and Prayer”
5-1-2016 Sun. PM
“Strong Faith”
5-4-2016 Wed. PM
“Required Bread”
APRIL 2016
4-24-16 Sun. AM
Spiritual Gifts
4-24-16 Sun. PM 4-27-16 Wed. PM
4-17-16 Sun. AM
4-17-16 Sun. PM
“Worship” Pastor Al
4-20-16 Wed. PM
4-10-16 Sun. AM
“Willing & Obedient”
4-10-16 Sun. PM
“The Resurrection”
4-13-16 Wed. PM
4-3-16 Sun. AM
“God’s Timetable”
4-3-16 Sun. PM
“Healing Service”
4-6-16 Wed. PM
“Believe in Jesus”
MARCH 2016
03-27-16 Sun. AM
“Seek The Living”
03-27-16 Sun. PM
03-30-16 Wed. PM
03-20-16 Sun. AM
“The Blessing” Part 4
03-20-16 Sun. PM
03-23-16 Wed. PM
03-13-16 Sun. AM
“The Blessing” Part 2
03-13-16 Sun. PM
03-16-16 Wed. PM
“The Blessings of God”
03-06-16 Sun. AM
“Third Day” – Pastor Ken
03-06-16 Sun. PM
03-09-16 Wed. PM
“The Blessing”
02-28-16 Sun. AM
“Seeking God – The Driving Force”
02-28-16 Sun. PM
“Secret Place” Pastor Mike
03-02-16 Wed. PM
“God’s Glory” Pastor Tony
02-21-16 Sun. AM
“Return to Sender”
02-21-16 Sun. PM
“How to Finish Your Race” Frieda White
02-24-16 Wed. PM
“From Condemnation to Justification”
02-14-16 Sun. AM
“Jesus Loves You”
02-14-16 Sun. PM
02-17-16 Wed. PM
“Victory Through Prayer”
02-07-16 Sun. AM
02-07-16 Sun. PM
Healing Service
02-10-16 Wed. PM
“A Call to Prayer”
01-31-16 Sun. AM
01-31-16 Sun. PM
“Anointed for God” Pastor Mike
02-03-16 Wed. PM
“Spiritual Identity”
1-24-2016 Sun. AM
“Rich or Poor” Continued
1-24-2016 Sun. PM
“The Ten Christian Virgins” Pastor Tony
1-27-2016 Wed. PM
1-17-2016 Sun. AM
“Rich or Poor”
1-17-2016 Sun. PM
“Avenge Me” Pastor Ken
1-20-2016 Wed. PM
“Dead or Alive”
1-10-2016 Sun. AM
“Dynamic vs Static”
1-10-2016 Sun. PM
“End Times” Pastor Al
1-13-2016 Wed. PM
1-3-2016 Sun. AM
“Let Us Go Forward”
1-3-2016 Sun. PM
Healing Service
1-6-2016 Wed. PM
“Go Forth”